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My Story

Lindsey Bogard

Holistic Nutrition, BS

Certified Holistic Nutritionist, AFPA

Certified Health Coach, ACE

Certified Personal Trainer, ACE

So why this lifestyle?  Why do I eat  a plant based diet and move my body every day?  Because I used to be stuck in disordered eating, I hated my body, I was exhausted and overtaken with a crappy autoimmune disorder, and I turned that all around.  

My health has been a journey.  I grew up eating the typical Standard American Diet (SAD).  We often sat around the dinner table laughing and talking, but the food we ate was mostly processed, animal heavy, and loaded with sugar or artificial crap.  

I was a chubby kid.  From very early on I developed unhealthy eating habits as an emotional binge eater.  I stuffed down a lot of confusion and sadness with peanut butter and pizza.  I felt out of place most of the time.  Emotions I felt were often far too big for me to handle.  I found an outlet through theatre, dance, music, and art, like I was closer to home.  I was good at them, too.  But at the end of the day, I was a fat, tall, freckled face red head with crooked teeth.  I was called a lot of mean names as a kid because of my apperance.  

In middle school I was tired of being  the target of cruel jokes and tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin.  I started dieting and exercising.  I lost some noticible weight in the beginning, but the plateau hit me in the face fast.  So I restricted my food more and exercised harder.  This was my entrance into the dark hole of anorexia and bulimia, which took over my life for many years.  

It was around this time that I also became a vegetarian.  Not because of anything health related., though.  I connected very strongly to the dead animal I was eating.  Eating meat was not my jam.

I went on to 4 hard years of anorexia, followed by binging and a lot of weight gain after.  Cycles of restrictive eating and binge/purge bouts (purges of extreme exercise and enemas) became my normal for over a decade. 

I was so tired of being at war with my body and food that I decided to learn about it.  After all, knowledge is power.  I got my BS in Holistic Nutrition and started down a healthier path.  I found raw foods, juicing, and all things plants (although I had gone back to eating meat on and off after 7 years of not).  I was, however, still at war with myself and by body, and caught in the trap of chronic dieting.

At this time, I began having health issues that no one could explain.  After having 2 kids, I was told I was just a tired mom.  No shit!  But I knew something more was wrong. with me.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in August of 2012.  

I was on a healthier path in life, but with my new disgnosis I new there was more I could do to better my situation.  I researched alternative methods and nutritional therapies for MS and other diseases.  I transitioned to a plant based diet for good and never looked back.

Since eating a whole foods plants  based diet, with a high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the eventual elimination of gluten, I have reversed most of my MS symptoms and have transformed my health.  I have stopped the progression m of my diesease.  I have more energy now than in my 20s.  My sex drive is alive again.  I can run half marathons, hike the mountains of Colordao, and keep up with 2 wild kids.  

I have been through so much with food and my body.  I used to hate myself, cut myslef, starve myself, stuff myself, and drug myself.  Now, I feel a freedom and a love for myself that I never thought was possible.  

I have found my freedom.

I have found my glow. 

Healing Through Movement

I have found such magical healing through movement.  With every step on a long run, every squat into a mini handstand, and every pulsing lunge, I heal.  There is something deeply empowering about pushing through the ass burn while dripping in sweat that I created.  Movement can transform the broken body and soul .  

Plants & Animals

People choose to be vegan for many different reasons.   I'm a living example of the health benefits from eating whole food plant based diet from the reversal of my MS symptoms.  The benefits of eating this way are many, from reversal of heart disease, lower blood pressure, gut healing, increased energy, better skin, and much much more.

An important part of health is to connect to the food you eat.  Awareness is powerful.  Animal abuse and exploitation is at the center of factory farming.   Whether you choose to eat animal products or not, participating in this kind of cruelty effects us all.  Caring for other lives, as well as the world we live in, allows more space for healing and health within ourselves.